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Benefits of Partnering with Scalelab

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Benefits of Partnering with Scalelab


So you are looking for a new youtube network (MCN) or you are unhappy with your current one?

Scalelab packs a very interesting and powerful group of benefits that will make you consider joining them, specially under the special recruiting deal agreement wukh talent agency has with scalelab:

1. 90% Rev Share: Because we believe content creators should get the biggest share possible of their revenue! This is for every creator that joins Scalelab MCN using our referral url, doesn’t matter if they have small channels or big channels. Get ride of your unfair 60% – 70% revenue share and get the most of your hard work;

2. Minimum payment to your paypal is only $1: A very low minimum payment threshold that will enable even the very small youtubers get paid every month, keeping the moral and productivity high. Good Work!

3. No Lock-In contract: yes, you can come and go whenever you want to. We don’t think a youtuber should be stuck with a contract. We hate those horrible stories of youtubers having their channels stuck with an unfair network. If by any reason you are unhappy with us you can request to unlink at any time, the process takes 30 days to prevent abuse and we may request you to fill a short survey so that we can know what is making leave, enabling wukh network to improve their servive for current and new partners;

4. Free freaking awesome music: Free access to 150000+ royalty free music tracks and 300000 sounds through Audio Micro, Epidemic Sound and Incompetech. If before the problem was to find a copyright free music now, you will struggle to take your pick among all you find and like on our library;

5. Free access to epoxy: This is a fantastic tool for you to engage with your fans. Track your growth, track and reply to all your fans comments, publish your videos to twitter, facebook, instagram and vine. Make memes, gifs, stills and previews from your youtube videos;

6. Free access to tubebuddy: which is only the number one youtube management toolkit. But hold, you can already get a free version of youtube on your own, but the version we offer is only available to networks that enable their users to use all features of tubebuddy. So you will get the complete TubeBuddy Experience;

7. Premium Quality Support: as stated before, support is our main goal and quality indicator. Wukh Talent Agency Support aims to respond all enquiries within 24 hours. Our current answer time is only a few hours. Wukh provides support via email or by skype: wukhnet. In the future there will be a forum that can act as support.

8. More Apps and Sponsorships: We are currently in the process of bringing more apps and sponsorships to our network.


If these benefits are not enough to convince you then feel free to drop us an email by using our contact form on our page or by emailling us directly or even use skype.

Advertisement Join Scalelab Network with 90% Revenue Share and no lock in contract under Wukh Talent agency!



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