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How to get your YouTube channel verified

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How to get your YouTube channel verified


How to get a verification badge

Have you seen the little check mark next to a YouTube channel? When you see it, it means the channel officially belongs to the creator in question, brand, organization or business.

It is a highly sought after feature on YouTube in the last year especially. However it does not give any benefit in search engine rankings for the channel or grant new features on  YouTube. It does give credibility and will help protect your channel from impersonators.

The requirements to get the badge will fall under several factors, but usually YouTube will not consider to verify your channel if it has under 100000 subscribers. But don’t worry, it is still possible to get your site verified with fewer subscribers than that.

Steps to get verified

  1. Get a least 500-1000 subscribers. That will be a good starting point for your channel, but bare in mind, there is no official number for the amount of subscribers your channel should have, the 100k mark is a value given by Youtube but does not mean it is a minimum;
  2. Have no copyrighted or spammy content. Now if your channel falls under this category, then there is no way it will be verified. This point is a decisive factor;
  3. Have a well established brand and face a high risk of impersonation. Creating a brand around your YouTube channel is one of the key points any serious YouTube should definitely pursue. This will not only make your channel stand out, it will also give you a “tactical” advantage towards getting verified. Off course, this will increase the risk of your channel being copied and impersonators will try to take some of your channel’s success for their personal gain. But this is exactly why YouTube has this system.
  4. Your channel must not have any content id match on your videos or any strike at all. This is self explanatory.

What can Scalelab network do to get your channel verified?

Your channel needs to meet the requirements mentioned on the previous 4 points. It also has to have at least 50000 subscribers.

If you do meet all those requirements then open a support ticket by emailing us or using our support site directly. Scalelab network will then initiate the process of contacting YouTube and petition for your channel verification. But that is pretty much what we can do. The process is automatic and if you don’t get partnered don’t worry. Just keep creating high quality videos and developing your channel with high focus on brandability. Your Verified badge will come…. eventually.

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