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How to use Youtube’s new End Screens

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How to use Youtube’s new End Screens

When you watch some videos on YouTube, particularly from bloggers and websites, you will notice two things:

  1. the blogger advances a different video or a YouTube channel, and
  2. thumbnails or text boxes that you can click on it to see another new video or account.

As essential as this feature was for YouTube makers, it is going to be reconsidered. YouTube recently reported that they are presenting “End Screens” to the stage. This new, portable tool makes it more simply for viewers to make a move perfectly as the video ends (anywhere in the range of 5-20 seconds before it ends) and urges them to watch more on their gadget.

Designers and accounts that enable this component will have the capacity to signify four of these per video, running from thumbnails for different recordings and videos, channels, playlists, and websites.

As indicated by YouTube,

Annotations was only for a desktop device that permits you to add interactive connections (clickable links) to your videos, to manually make end screens. This will never be necessary, as the new End Screens are simpler to make, as well as permit you to achieve more viewers on desktop and portable.”

One issue YouTube confronts in rivalry with Facebook videos and Instagram and Snapchat stories is the thing that happens once a video is finished. YouTube still is especially similar to a web index for the vast majority, while Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are more for entertainment and news. With these new end screens, it’s a small step towards catching up with the alternate platforms which are heading increasingly towards a format the keeps the content going (consider stories on Instagram and how they auto-play the following one up).

While YouTube is still the ruler of videos it confronts a few difficulties, and it’s attempting to make it less demanding for clients to choose what to do next by showing it in front of their face. Subscribe to my channel, Watch this next video, take a look at my best friend’s channel, are all clickable with these end screens.

maxresdefaultEnd screens may represent the end of “click the links below“, a well-known and regularly used line used by makers toward the end of their videos to advance more of their stuff. Indeed, these end screens may even be consolidated into videos in imaginative ways that you would not expect.

Makers are called that for a reason, and YouTube even alluded to this possibility, saying “How you will use End Screens? We can’t wait to see your ideas.

If you need to see what they really look like, watch the Jamie Oliver YouTube video – Midnight One Pan Breakfast | Jamie Oliver  and skip ahead to the 04:12 mark where you will see three End Screens show up, two of them promote particular videos, and the one in the centre promote his YouTube channel.

These are currently accessible to everyone, and here is how to begin:

  • Sign into your YouTube account.
  • In the upper right, click the account symbol – Creator Studio.
  • In the menu, select Video Manager then Videos.
  • Click Edit for the video you need to add the end screen
  • Click End screen in the top tab bar.
  • If the chosen video contains explanations, follow the guidelines to un-publish them. You can re-publish them whenever you want, at any time.
  • You can see your video with the predefined grid and a timeline that shows the accessible part for the end screen. By clicking Add element you can add up to four components, and one of them must be a playlist or video.
  • Choose how to construct your end screen:
  • Add element: You can add four components to a video. One of the components must be a video or playlist. Select every component and fill in the required data, then click on Create element.
  • Copy from video: You can copy an end screen from another of your videos and also you can edit the elements.
  • YouTube layout (template): You can look over predefined formats that show combinations of components. You will have to characterize the content for the components in the end screen, for example, add the channel to be highlighted.
  • Adjust the arrangement and size of every element on the grid. Change the time for the component to appear in the timeline below.
  • Click Save.

You can review the component whenever, at any time by selecting Preview on the upper left of the player. You can simply backtrack and edit the end screen and its components.

End screen requirements for viewers: on PCs

YouTube Android version 11.04

iOS version 8: YouTube application 11.09 or higher

iOS version 9: YouTube application 11.03 or higher

Portable web on iPad gadgets

YouTube Kids, YouTube Music, and YouTube TV applications are not supported

Flash is still not supported

If the viewers have disabled the annotations, they will see end screens you put on your videos.


Generally, it appears like Google needed to make it simpler for makers to inspire viewers to watch more content than before. YouTube takes note of that it should help to build the views on a desktop too.

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