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Important Scalelab Announcement

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Important Scalelab Announcement

Hello my fellow youtubers! Today i bring big news that will affect how things work in scalelab and specially it will affect all scalelab partners with less than 500 subscribers and also youtubers that wish to join Scalelab with a similar amount of subscribers. Please read the following statement:

At ScaleLab, we constantly ask ourselves, “How can we be better as an MCN?” “How can we provide more hands-on attention?” And “How can we offer more value and assistance to creators than any other company?”

It is this never-ending desire to improve that has helped us grow to one of the largest MCN’s – with 98,000 creators, 4.4 billion views per month, and 100+ staff working on six continents. I’m so proud of our team and everything we’ve accomplished, and grateful for the opportunity to have helped thousands of people share their voices and talent with the world.

After much deliberation, we have decided to make a significant change at ScaleLab.

We believe that this change will improve the services we provide to creators, and will allow us to achieve our goal of being the most supportive, useful, and effective MCN in the world.

Effective February 17th, 2017, all ScaleLab Partners with fewer than 500 subscribers will officially become “ScaleLab Community Members”. That means:

  1. ScaleLab will no longer take a commission from that creator’s Google AdSense revenue.
  2. The channel will be released from ScaleLab’s CMS.
  3. At no charge (free), the creator will still receive all of the ScaleLab perks they currently receive, such as:
    • SUPPORT: Lightning fast phone and e-mail support from ScaleLab experts.
    • ANALYTICS: Access to ScaleLab’s industry-leading analytics platform – and our proprietary Insights Tool.
    • APPS: Free access to AudioMicro, Epidemic Sound, Epoxy, VidIQ, OutroMaker, and others.
    • GAMES: All new competitive games featuring “Head-to-Head Growth Battles” for your channel (coming soon).
    • FORUM: Access to the active ScaleLab forum, where you can connect and collaborate with other creators.
    • PRODUCTION FINANCING: If you have ideas for a web series, or even a film or TV series that you’d like ScaleLab to finance, we want to hear about it!
    • And much, much more.

In other words, if you are a smaller creator, just starting out on your YouTube journey, you will pay absolutely nothing to receive all the assistance, tools and resources that ScaleLab has to offer. Just log into the ScaleLab dashboard like you usually do, and you’re good to go.

Once your channel hits 500 subscribers (which will be soon if you use our tools), we’ll send you a congratulatory e-mail and an invite to re-join the ScaleLab CMS.

ScaleLab is making this change for a few reasons.

Reason #1: YouTube creators who are just starting out earn very little money. We believe they should be re-investing 100% of their Google AdSense revenue into their content, or using it to pay bills, etc.

Reason #2: ScaleLab has been an MCN since 2013. We consider our role on the YouTube platform to be an honor and a privilege. But being an MCN also comes with responsibilities. For example, we have a responsibility to provide valuable assistance to all of our creators. By making this change, ScaleLab will be better able to provide helpful tools and resources to tens of thousands of smaller creators (for free) in a way that doesn’t require us to oversee everything that creator does.

Reason #3: As an MCN, we believe ScaleLab has a responsibility to help make YouTube a safe, friendly and rigorously honest environment. With this change, we will be better able to monitor and quickly remove “bad actors” (channels who violate community guidelines, infringe on copyrights, etc.) from the ScaleLab ecosystem.

On behalf of everyone at ScaleLab, thank you for being part of our family. It has been a great pleasure helping you to grow your channel, and we look forward to being of even greater value to you in 2017 and beyond.


David E. Brenner
CEO, ScaleLab

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