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New community forum

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Wukh network is always looking to give options to our partners and potential creators that want to join. And part of our expansion wukh network is proud to announce the creation of Wukh community forums!

On the community forums you can share your videos, find collaborations opportunities, talk about youtube, ask for support and get tips and tricks from other youtubers.
This is a great opportunity for any youtuber. Give exposure to your channel and show your videos to the world. The forum is open to anyone see and your posts can even be found by using google search, which means that you will potentially get organic traffic to your channel and videos from google.

Another reason, we at wukh, decided to open a community forum is to expand our support mechanisms. Although we prefer to deal everything through email and Skype, we found that due to the nature of mailing systems, eventually will result in email getting lost between 2 intervenients. This means, that mail may have a risk of getting lost on the spam folder or even blocked and the support team may not receive your request for example, or you not receiving our reply. The chances of this are low but the risk is there, so in order to minimise the risk, we created the community to serve this purpose also, to work as a last line of support when there is a miscommunication issue.

So pop on to the community and show us your work!

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