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New Partnership requirement guidelines

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New Partnership requirement guidelines

We at wukh talent agency, would love to recruit everyone interested in joining scalelab. But unfortunately that is not possible because not everyone follows youtube rules. So we have made the decision to make a bit more strict the rules we follow when it comes to brin new partners to Scalelab.

With immediate effect we require all channels to have:

  • More than 10 subscribers (unaltered);
  • At least 4-5 good quality videos;
  • Ideally 1000 views in the last 30 days


These channels will be rejected by scalelab:

  • Upload vine compilations;
  • Copycat channels;
  • Any copyrighted material or unoriginal work that does not fall under fair use (tv shows, sports and even compilations);
  • Misleading titles or thumbnails;
  • Any music channel that fails to present permision or show appropriate license;
  • use of keyword stuffing;
  • young channels (less than a month old);
  • channels that upload content regarding illegal acts like, cracking, pirating, phising and so on).

All applications will be thoroughly reviewed. And if by any chance you don’t agree with the rejection you can always contact support, but you need to make a good case for why your channel should be accepted. Just asking for “why my channel was rejected” or claim that the channel doesn’t  have any copyright strike (we can see that btw 🙂 ) We value quality, originality and fair use.

Please take sometime to read about the requirements to join on this blog post.

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