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Protecting your youtube videos with content ID

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Protecting your youtube videos with content ID

Youtube Content IDYoutube Content ID

If you detect that your videos are being stolen and uploaded by other youtube users then you can request the help of wukh’s copyright team to claim the videos for you.

Claiming  Youtube Videos

Wukh Network offers content id (CID) through scalelab. In order to qualify for this service, your channel needs to have more than 10000 subscribers. The reason for this requirement is because it is not financially viable to setup a CID for a channel’s video that has less than this subscriber base. The only exception is if the video in question has become viral. In this case the claim will be analysed and a decision will be made shortly to set up the CID or not. But please keep in mind, that if your channel falls below 10000 subscribers there is no guarantee that your viral video will be accepted for CID. Our digital rights management team will greatly appreciate if you only submit claims that follow these rules. By avoiding to check claims that don’t fall in the parameters our DRM team can work faster and more efficiently to bring you more revenue for your channel.

If a CID is made then all revenue generated by the claim is set up at a 50/50 revenue share. This share is non negotiable.

Not all videos will be eligible for content ID. Wukh Network will deny all claims of videos that have the following content:

  • Copyrighted music;
  • Copyright TV movies and TV series;
  • Gameplay footage;
  • Clips from other youtube channels.

Content ID claim Earnings

If your Video claim has been successful you have two choices, either block or monetize the video. Our recommendation is to Monetize.

If you choose to monetize then the earnings from claimed videos are updated two weeks after a given month and may take up to six months to appear on a channel’s monthly earnings history.

Any questions regarding claiming your videos don’t hesitate to contact our support department.

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