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Requirements to Join Wukh Network

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Requirements to Join Wukh Network

Minimum Requirements to join Scalelab network

To join Scalelab is very easy and simple to do. There are only a few key factors that you need to take in consideration before joining or your application may be rejected.

To join us, your channel needs:

  • Be Free from any other network: we cannot partner your channel while it is still linked to another youtube network.
  • Have no copyrighted content: This is a priority key factor. We cannot monetise videos that violate copyright laws. So, if you have any videos that you do not own the copyright then we cannot help you. Such videos are normally movie trailers, tv shows series, tv sports, commercial music and so on…
  • Have more than 4-5 videos and 10 subscribers;
  • Ideally have 1000 views in the last 30 days, although we have successfully partnered channels with less views, but their overal quality and potential growth factor overcome this rule.
  • Adsense in good standing: if your youtube account had problems with adsense in the past and you had your adsense account disable then we cannot partner your channel.
  • Channel art: your channel needs to have channel art (logo and banner). By not having any of these will decrease your chances of being approved.
  • About page: it is always good to invest some time in write the about page of your channel. Our advice :).


These are two examples of channels scalelab will reject:

First Example:


The reason this channel got reject was because of copyright. As you can see the videos uploaded are from TV stations. This clearly is a copyright violation and cannot and will not partner channels like this. It goes against our terms of service and mainly goes against youtube terms of service.

Secondly, the logo is misleading, pretending to be the History channel. This may fall under the “Impersonation” type of scam and is a big no no to us and youtube.

And third and last, the channel banner art seems to be uploaded just to be present as it does not add up anything to the channel nor it is remotely related to the content of the channel.

Second Example:

exampl2The reason this channel was rejected is clear. The banner art is the default youtube one. The channel looks empty. The logo and channel content are not related. The number of subscriber is only 2 and allied with only one video upload, which is unrelated to what the channel allegedly wants to become made the decision for review team: Reject partnership.

If you have any questions about partnering with youtube feel free to contact us.

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