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Upcoming news for wukh network

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Upcoming news for wukh network


Because youtube changed the rules of the game, Wukh no longer working as a subnetwork. We are now a Youtube Talent Agency recruiting channels for Scalelab and offering a special no lock in contract deal with 90% Rev Share.

The rest of this post will remain as legacy.


A company needs to evolve and adapt to new circumstances and wukh network is no different. There are some changes (good ones) coming soon and others are already in place and today’s post is to talk about them.

So what’s new?

Payment options: it is with great pleasure that starting from today, wukh network supports 3 more payment processors.  These will probably suite our Russian community a bit better but, there are also a lot of users from other countries that use these payment options.

And the new payment options are:

  • Yandex money;
  • Qiwi Wallet;
  • Webmoney.

The payment threshold will be $1 for all of them but please bear in mind that Qiwi Wallet and Webmoney payment options are still in development and will be fully operational in the next coming weeks.

Youtube Red earnings:  this feature has been active for longer and was released “quietly” and as the name says, it will show the earnings your channel created from YouTube Red users.


Upcoming features

  1. Network Hub site: all wukh network creators will have their videos promoted on a video website. The site in question is still being negotiated but we expect to have a definitive movement very soon. There is no extra work needed to be done from you, the creator, except to keep posting high quality videos on YouTube :);
  2. Wukh Network Sponsorship: all wukh partners regardless of their YouTube channel size will have the opportunity to grab one sponsorship deal from us. All parameters have been established and full details will be released next week. The sponsorship involves the creation of a video about Wukh Network;
  3. Video promotion within the dashboard: we are also planning in creating a community hub within the dashboard where creator videos can be promoted. Wukh Partners will be able submit their video’s url link, which will be sent to be approved by our staff. Once approved, their video will appear automatically on the partner dashboard giving another option to increase user engagement specially amongst wukh partners. At the moment there is no definite date for this feature release.
  4. Dashboard access to unlinked partners: currently when a partner asks to be unlinked, dashboard access is revoked but, in the near future we will allow limited access to our ex-partners so they can keep track of their earnings and payments;
  5. Role management: users may have different roles within wukh network such as partner plus recruiter. Currently this is managed separately but this will end soon, and managing different roles will be much easier and done within the dashboard;
  6. Import all youtube statistics: the dashboard will show all the statistics currently only shown on youtube’s dashboard (ex: Watch Time, Audience Retention, etc.)

Off course, we are always open for suggestions, don’t be shy and let us know what you would like to see added.

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