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Wukh Network to be incorporated into Scalelab

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Wukh Network to be incorporated into Scalelab

Today i bring news that some of you may not like initially. But circumstances are imposing changes and there is no running away from it.

As some of you may already know, Youtube decided to change their terms of service to not allow any subnetwork continuing working. as a scalelab subnetwork is not allowed to continue doing business.

This change happened a couple of weeks ago and since then we have been re thinking our business model and how we can continue working with you and stay in this business.

But Scalelab come up with a solution which will allow stay in the business, as a different model for sure, but still staying connected with you all, our current partners.

wukhytheadSo what will happen?

Scalelab recognized all the hard work given by team and the effort to provide with the best support possible. So has been invited to be incorporated into Scalelab.

This means, that i, Hugo Santos, CEO of Wukh Network will become a Partner Manager for Scalelab and will be directly responsible for all current wukh network partners.

What does this mean to you?

Not much will change for you.

When the take over takes place, you will be directly speaking with scalelab staff, and i will be your first point of contact. The contract terms you have signed when you joined will remain the same. Everything will remain the same, only wukh network branding will disappear and your referral URL will change.

What will happen to

Wukh branding as a subnetwork will disappear. Instead, the site will change to reflect the new status. Wukh will change to a Talent Agency and we will still be looking for partners to join us, but under scalelab umbrella.

What does the future reserve for wukh?

There is always a chance Wukh to become a MCN, but in all honesty it is really hard to achieve it as Youtube is cracking down on MCN’s and they won’t be issuing any new mcn in the coming months.

However, we are always looking into other platforms and if demand asks for it we may join direct youtube competitors.

Unfortunately, as a result, Nathan Cole, our lead support manager will not work with us any more. Nathan as decided to stepped down and enjoy his summer. I am hoping to convince him to come back in the near future, but for the time being he has step down. You will be missed Nathan, you have done a great job!

Off course, if you are not happy after reading about this you can opt-out from the transition and request to be unlinked. Just contact our support desk and we will initiate the process.

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