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Wukh Network Presentation

Welcome to Wukh Talent Agency

Wukh Network, Youtube network is a Youtube Talent Agency (Previous Multi Channel Network (MCN) under Scalelab) established in October 2015. The concept was simple, to provide the best support on the youtube network market and give the right tools for our creators to grow their channel and produce fresh quality content.

The start was not easy and had only downs and no ups. Because Wukh Network was a startup with no initial capital, made finding a partner to supply the tools a harder task. Eventually one was found, but that turned out to be the wrong decision. This Dashboard supplier was facing problems of its own without letting us know what was happening. Also the tools supplied by them were virtually none and the dashboard was buggy and uninformative. To worsen things, their ability to proccess new creator applications became little to none, and after promises and 40 creators on the pending invitation limbo, we have decided that was it.  So an immediate search for a new viable dashboard supplier started.

And one was found. November had come and we started contacts with Scalelab, their dashboard looked powerful and easy to use, along with the so needed “Apps” to enable our creators to reach their objectives. Negotiations progressed and culminated with Wukh Network signing a contract with Scalelab, and starting fresh.

But our priorities have not changed, support is still and will remain our number one priority, followed by getting the best tools for our creators to develop their channels and grow their viewership.

Currently is focused in recruiting new channels and developing its own social media network to advertise our talented youtube content creators.

But much more is yet to come like brand new “Apps” free to use for our members and sponsorships. It is a great time to join Wukh Network.

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