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Youtube 2016 year end review

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Youtube 2016 year end review

The year 2016 has almost finished its journey and just like every social network, software or website, YouTube as well has released their yearly report on events, updates, redesigns and news of 2016.

In 2016, 10 videos together have 550 million views and were watched for more than 25 million hours. The channels behind them have more than 40 million subscribers who tune in regularly to watch the interesting and entertaining things they make.

2016 was a brilliant one for music, following a few extreme years of declining incomes, the industry began developing again, spurred in huge part by the development of music streaming subscriptions. This year, the industry has considerably more motivations to be hopeful. Indeed, in the last 12 months, YouTube has paid out over $1 billion to the music business from promoting, demonstrating that various experiences and models are succeeding side by side.

YouTube updates and improvements

Like every year in the past, in 2016 as well, YouTube has released many of updates and improvements to their platform. Here are some of them:

Back in September, YouTube has released YouTube Creators for Change, a worldwide initiative committed to opening up and increasing the voices of YouTube creators who handle division and hate with videos and stories of connection, understanding and hope. Furthermore, as 2016 is ending, YouTube can gladly say that YouTube Creators for Change is growing.

2016 was the year of the big challenge. This year, more than 200 YouTube stars from 18 nations acknowledged the YouTube Ultimate 2016 Rewind Challenge to pay homage to the greatest channels, melodies, songs and videos of the year.

Parents have told YouTube they need more control over how their children watch content in the YouTube Kids application, so YouTube has launched a new feature and the parents can choose what content is appropriate for their family.

The new Virtual reality and 360-degree video can bring you one step closer to actually being in those moments and at those places. YouTube had their first introducing of the “support for 360-degree videos” in March 2015. In this year, they made enormous improvements and upgrades to bring fans into their world, with 360-degree live streaming.

A standout amongst the most popular updates was the End Screen feature for YouTube. End screens are a part of the video that show amid the last 5-20 seconds of a video. You can include up to four components to advance your channel, content and sites. Components can expand to show more information on desktop and on tap on cell phones.

The Fine brothers “React” story

Fine Bros Entertainment on January 26th introduced a new program called React World. In a preliminary video on that day, Benny and Rafi Fine explained the services offers and the reason behind it. The fundamental goal is to extend the Fine Bros mark worldwide by inviting creators from all over the world to license the specific React format for which Fine Bros Entertainment is well known. After collecting more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube, the team chose to file for a trademark and start authorising and licensing their React format resulting in many negative comments and frustrated YouTube followers and user.

For quite a long time, The Fine Bros have tread upon thin ice of active copyright policing. The wave of negative reaction and lost supporters that have hit them resulted with more than 115,000 unsubscribed followers from the main Fine Bros channel on January 31st which is the aftereffect of the thin ice breaking underneath them.

50 million subscribers

Felix Kjellberg, known by his username, PewDiePie in July 2013 left a mark on the world by becoming the first channel to achieve 10 million subscribers. Three and a half years after this date, PewDiePie keeps on setting records: by becoming the first channel to achieve 50 million subscribers in 2016.

Kjellberg‘s channel has accumulated more than 50 million subscribers and 13 billion views because of his more than 3,000 recordings and videos. The Forbes positioned him the number one most-paid YouTube creator, at about $15 million earned for one year, from June 2015 to June 2016.

His prosperity has not been without drama, however. The creator-star promised to erase his channel after achieving 50 million subscribers and also was greeted with disappointing reactions from the followers.

Amid the time when Kjellberg reached over to 50 million subscribers, more than 50,000 tuned in to watch his live speech on Social Blade.

H3H3 drama

It began when Leafyishere made a video that has since been brought down about a YouTuber called TommyNC2010, who is a blogger. On March 19, Tommy posted a video of him crying and upset about the death dangers Leafy‘s fans were sending him. In the video, he says he will never post a video again.

The situation kept on warming up after that. H3H3 Productions posted a video called The Leafy Rant where he gets out Leafy‘s recordings, saying that all he does is making fun of kids.

Pyrocynical, another well-known YouTuber, posted a video backing Leafy. Pyro called H3H3 Productions’ Ethan a liar and posted screenshots of private discussions amongst Ethan and Leafy.

To be more interesting, every one of the three of these channels is massive and gigantic, going from 800,000 to over a million subscribers. Their fans as the biggest fanatics are arguing in the comments or on reedit to protect their favourite content creator like there is no tomorrow.

No matter what, the drama will be an unbreakable piece of YouTube.

YouTube Rewind 2016

Every year many trends, memes and creators crash in a video celebration of the culturally important moments of the year and it is called YouTube Rewind. Also, surprisingly, viewers can take a Rewind quiz with a glossary of makers and memes found in the video to check whether you are a YouTube expert or not. A super helpful guide is additionally being released in addition you missed out on some of the biggest 2016 moments.

And, at the end, the music industry-YouTube will remember 2016 year in a very positive way. Only by ads, YouTube has generated a billion dollars.

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